The next meeting of ISO TC204 WG18 will be in Seoul in the week 23rd through 25th April, 2018.

EN ISO 17423, EN ISO 17419, and EN ISO 18750 are in publication.

ISO TC204 WG16 invites experts from WG18 to the meeting in Germany from 12. through 16. December.

The next joint meeting of ISO TC204 WG18 / CEN TC278 WG16 will be in Auckland / New Zealand, from 3th through 5th October 2016. Major topics are a workshop of SWG2 on gaps and overlaps / report to PIARC, a joint meeting of WG18 DT2 with WG3 on LDM Data Dictionary, and the work items on "Secure Vehicle Interface", and "Position, Time, Velocity Facility".